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Other Doll Clothes

Other doll clothes will include Best Friends Club (BFC Ink) and clothes for the new Hearts for Hearts Girls, even 23 inch My Twinn dolls

I have some cute patterns for the 18" Best Friends Club dolls and also the 14" Hearts for Hearts Girls dolls. My models for these will be BFC Ink Noelle and Dell from Hearts for Hearts. These dolls are quite a bit different from American Girl dolls because they are fully poseable, all hard plastic and much slimmer bodied. They are supposed to represent girls a little bit older than American Girl.

I collect 23 inch My Twinn dolls and enjoy sewing for them so I will be adding those clothes here too. Since My Twinn has stopped making the 23 inch dolls and their outfits, you might want to contact me if you need something for your 23 inch girl.

As I get products made, I will create category pages for those dolls.

I just added this nightgown for BFC Ink (Best Friends Club) dolls:

BFC Summer Nightgown