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American Girl Size Career and Costume Outfits

Handmade costumes or career outfits for your American Girl doll

This is the category for handmade career and costume outfits for your American Girl doll. I will be cross-filing some of the existing outfits under here such as the Witch Costume and Karate Outfit. This will give people a more extensive way to search for what they want.

Career outfits will include American Girl lab coats and scrubs as well as anything else I manage to come up with.

Here are the products in the American Girl Career and Costume category:

American Girl Ice Queen Gown (inspired by Queen Elsa)

American Girl Karate Uniform

American Girl Lab Coat

American Girl Witch Costume


I am not affiliated with Mattel or Pleasant Company in any way, shape or form. I simply love their dolls best and only own this brand of doll because I also happen to collect them. This is like a showcase of my collection that models doll clothing I make.