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American Girl Size Medium Length Bloomers

These handmade bloomers are medium or mid-length for your American Girl doll


American Girl Medium Length BloomersHere is a pair of medium or mid-length American Girl doll bloomers. They were handmade by my seamstress friend Kathy Johnson. This is the mid-length style that Kathy has for sale here at Kitt's.

You can see her long length American Girl bloomers if you prefer a longer length or like to have them just peeking out from under a dress.

Kathy has a lot of American Girl handmade undergarments on my site and they are all really cute. These medium length bloomers might be something one of your dolls would like to wear with her mid-calf length dress, such as my American Girl St. Patrick dress.

I have 3 pairs of these on hand. Kathy will send me more if lots of them start selling. Her workmanship is excellent and I think you will be very pleased with these medium length handmade bloomers for your American Girl doll because they are made with love by another caring seamstress of American girl clothes.

PLEASE NOTE: The top shown on Molly does not come with the bloomers. It is available as part of another set. Molly and the stand are not included either.


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