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American Girl Historical Outfits-Handmade

Handmade historical outfits for your American Girl doll

Right now the handmade historical outfits are being made by my friend Holly from New York. She sells mostly on eBay but has let me showcase some of her outfits here on Kitt's to help give the site a little more selection and diversity.

Holly has been a seamstress for over 25 years and pays very much attention to details. She takes a lot of pride and care in making her doll fashions for you. Her closure of choice is snaps which are preferred by collectors and also tend to keep the doll's hair from getting tangled.

From Felicity and Elizabeth's colonial times to Kit in the 30s or Molly in the 40s, Holly has made and sold many beautiful historical American Girl size outfits.

As with most doll clothes that are made by hand, fabrics that are shown in the pictures may not always be available. The pictures are more of a guideline to show you what the dress style will be like. Sometimes the exact fabric can be used if Holly has it or can get it and other times, you can choose a general print color and she will shop for and find the perfect print or solid just for you!

You can view any current auctions that Holly has going or check out some of her outfits right here, along with some that I have added that my mom made that would go well with some of your favorite historical dolls such as Samantha, Nellie, Rebecca, Kit or Molly:

American Girl Colonial Gown

American Girl Drop Waist Dress

American Girl Short Sleeve Dress

American Girl Thirties Play Dress