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Dachshund Print Flannel Pajamas Fit American Girl

These American Girl handmade flannel pajamas feature adorable dachshunds wearing sweaters


American Girl Dachshund Print PajamasAlong with being a huge fan of American Girl dolls, I am also owned by a dachshund who simply insisted that all dolls should own cozy winter pajamas printed with cute little dachshunds. Dachshunds are some of the world's most famous supporters of all things warm and snuggly so naturally, American Girl dachshund printed pajamas seemed like the right thing to do. I have another cute dachsie print on lime green which I will make available in the menu below and hope to add a picture soon.

The pajama top has long gathered sleeves that have elastic at the wrists for a nice fit. The neckband is a white interlock fabric and the top fastens in back with Velcro for easy dressing of your doll. Look at all those sweet little dachsies walking all over those pajamas! For more ease of dressing, the pants have an elastic waist. Slippers are available for purchase for only $5 extra. My doll, Gwen, stays here with me. I wish there was such a thing as dachsie slippers, wouldn't that be cute?

I have plenty of this fabric so if you would like a girl size set of these pajamas, just contact my friend Ruth at our site we have together which is called Dolly and Me Fashions, featuring matching clothing for girls and their dolls, especially for that little girl and her doll who happen to like snuggling with an adorable dachshund!


Select print:
Bunny slippers, $5:
Teddy bear slippers, $5:
Lavender Fuzzy Slippers (slip-on style) $5:
White Fuzzy Slippers $5:
Lime Fuzzy Slippers $5:

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